Stucco-Siams wall coating application is valued as a siding material for its attractiveness and durability and is a relatively low-maintenance exterior finish.

While nothing prevents anyone from painting or whitewashing concrete to make it look like stucco, paint generally does not adhere to concrete longer than two or three years, requiring constant re-application. Removing these materials in order to re-stucco requires expensive sandblasting. Paint also prevents the concrete from breathing. A stucco home can be refinished with an integral color stucco which does not require painting. Color can also be added to concrete when it is originally placed before curing, and thus the concrete would not require painting.

Traditional stucco is made of lime, sand, and water. Lime is added to increase the permeability and work ability of modern stucco. Stucco-Siam’s wall coating application is exclusive in Thailand, a biological natural product, protects you and your family from mold in showers and bathrooms and is 100% environment friendly.

Stucco-Siam works very closely with the award winning Greystone-Construction Co., Ltd., a well established construction company based in Phuket with more than 30 years of experience and commitment in successful implementation of numerous projects in refurbishments, project management, interior design and construction.

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